Party-Mix 24 Miniatures + 1 jigger - 24% discount


Party-Mix with 1 Jigger

Caution: In the picture is still the "Scharfer Hüpfer" and "Erichs Rache" displayed, they were replaced by "Stettner der Saure" and Jägermeister

Süsser Arsch 0,02l Liqueur with Cherry, Miniature bottle, 15% alc/vol.

Ficken Liquors 0,02l, 15% alc/vol. curant

Küsschen, 0,02l, 15% alc/vol., cream liqueur with real Jamaica Rum,

Stettner Saure Nummer 1, 0.02l miniature, 16% alc./vol., apple-lemon with vodka

Disco Dream, 0,02l, 17% alc/vol., cream liqueur with Scotch Whisky

Flügerl, 0,02l, 17% alc/vol Sloe with Vodka and Taurin,

Steiler Zahn, 0,02l miniature bottle, 25% alc/vol., Sloe with Rum fruitliqueur

Kober´s Babalou 0,02l 17% alc/vol.

Kober´s Pfläumchen 0,02l, 20% alc/vol.,Liqueur

Laber Rhabarber 0,02l Miniature, 15% alc/vol., Rhubarbliqueur with colorant

Dirty Harry-Lakritzlikör, 0,02l, 21,5% alc/vol., Liqueur with colorant

Feigerl, 0,02l 20% alc/vol., Fig with Vodka

Fiete`s Möwenschiss Dunkel 0,02l, 15% alc/vol., Liqueur: Sour Cherry with Vodka

Prinz Viagra rot 0,02l Miniature, with colouring Vodka-Fig Liqueur 16,5% alc/vol., with colorant

Gaudi-Max Erdbeerlimes, 0,02l, 15% alc/vol., Liqueur with strawberry

Quicky 0,02l, 20% alc/vol., Fruitliqueur with Vodka and colorant

Seaman`s Shot, 0,02l Miniature, 30% alc/vol., extra hot with Vodka,

Kleiner Feigling 0,02l - Fig with Vodka ,

Stösschen Likör 0,02l Miniature bottle, 15% alc/vol., Rhubarb with Vodka,

Popsy, 0,02l, 15% alc/vol., Vanilla-Cream-Liqueur

Jägermeister 0.02l miniature 35% alc./vol., herb liqueur

Dooley's Toffee, Liqueur, 0,02l, 17% alc/vol., Caramelliqueur

Kleiner Flutscher, 0,02l, 15% alc/vol., Plumliqueur with Vodka

Morello Amarenakirsche - cherry liqueur with Vodka 0,02l Miniature bottle, 15% alc/vol.

1 Jigger


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