Gift pack Ziegler Quittenbrand (quince brandy) 0.05l + Ziegler Quittenfruchtessig (quince fruit vinegar) 0.1l + Ziegler glass in carton


Gift pack Ziegler Quittenbrand (quince brandy) 0.05l + Ziegler Quittenfruchtessig (quince fruit vinegar) 0.1l + Ziegler glass in corrugated red carton.

The maturity of the distillate in chestnut barrels gives the Ziegler-barrel brandies their incomparably mild-spicy note. And it makes Ziegler fruit spirits perfect companions for sophisticated cigar enjoyment.

The precious fruit distillery Gebr J. & M. Ziegler GmbH, founded in 1865 in Freudenberg am Main, stands for distillation at its finest. Today Ziegler is one of the best fruit spirits distilleries in Germany. This is guaranteed by Ziegler CEO Alain Langlois and distiller Jürgen Marré. They know about the tradition of the house, because for an excellent fruit quality, origin, soil and climate conditions are crucial. That is the only way to achieve fruit spirits of exceptional quality.


Distillery Ziegler works with contract fruit farmers. Ziegler guarantees to purchase their products and controls their production. For the fruit spirits, Ziegler uses only fully ripe, undamaged fruit from the best wine-growing areas of Europe. They get wild fruits such as wild cherries, wild sour cherry, wild plum, wild quince, Zibart (a wild plum), blackthorn and elder from their pickers who know the exact locations of these wild trees and shrubs.

The PROCESSING of Ziegler fruit spirits

On arrival,
the fruit is examined of its maturity and the sanitary condition (dents, rot). Then the fruit is hand sorted. A machine removes leaves and branches, after which - also by machine – the fruit is stoned. Then for the fermentation process stones are partly added again. The mash ferments now in specially developed agitator tanks at a constant temperature of 18 degrees to preserve the primary flavours of the Ziegler fruit spirits. The tanks are computer-controlled 24 hours a day and cool or heat the mash as needed

The distillation at ZIEGLER

Distillery Ziegler is a licensed fruit spirits distillery that distills under the double firing procedure: raw fruit spirits, fine fruit spirits. The mash is gently heated in steam boilers. From the heated material, Ziegler gets the raw fruit spirits. After a second distillation they get fine fruit spirits. From this fine fruit spirits, they retain only the heart, the Ziegler brandy. The separation of the heart piece is the same as for centuries by sensory. The nose decides.


All fruit spirits must be stored after distillation to mature. Berries and pome fruit spirits at least for three years, stone fruit spirits at least for five years. The traditional products are stored in stainless steel tanks, the berry brandies and the rarities in carboys in the basement rocks, the cigars fires in oak and chestnut barrels.
The Ziegler distillates are constantly monitored during storage. Before bottling the fruit spirits, they are reduced to drinking strength with spring water from the own wells. This process is called marriage. After that, the brandies have to rest once again in order to combine harmoniously.
The fruit spirits are bottled by hand. Thereafter, the labels and tags are attached by hand, the cork is sealed by hand and then packed - manual work. Before dispatch, all the bottles have to rest again.


The town Freudenberg is beautifully situated between Miltenberg and Wertheim right on Main. This region of Baden Württemberg has about 30,000 small or very small distilleries.
Ziegler was founded in 1865 as a brewery with internal law. The fruit spirits distillery is nowadays still on the original site. The former public house was rebuilt. Today, there lives the Master Distiller.
In May 2003, inside of Ziegler distillery there was opened a sales store. Now visitors can tour the distillery with Brennan location and get an overview of the product range of Ziegler.


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