Allergens & Coloring

Information about coloring and allergens

In each article description of our products, we indicate whether the respective articles contain coloring and / or allergens.

In this section, however, we would like to point out that in addition to current products, we also offer many old rarities in our online shop.

The requirement to indicate colorants and allergens on foods has not existed since the beginning of spirits production. For this reason can be found on very old bottles no indication of this relevant information and it is difficult to understand where these bottles come from some origin. Of course, in this regard, we give our best and tell you the information found out.

However, we ask for your understanding that it is often limited in our old products to make a safe statement.

If you have further questions about dyes and allergens or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team ([email protected]). We will help you immediately.

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Schneller Service, gut verpackte Sendung und Lieferung auf Rechnung. Besser geht es nicht! 5/5 am 26.09.2018
Die bestellte Ware wurde schnell zugesandt. Die Verpackung, insbesondere für die bestellten kleinen Probierflaschen, erfolgte mit sehr viel Sorgfalt, sodass alles im perfektem Zustand angekommen ist. 5/5 am 15.09.2018
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